Litigation Scientific Support

Bubbleology Research International (BRI) currently supports two fortune 500 companies in litigation. However, our experience in litigation stretches far beyond this. BRI CEO and chief scientist Dr. Ira Leifer was part of a panel of government-appointed scientists who investigated the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This historic spill was perhaps the country’s worst environmental disaster; significantly worse than any other spill before it. Throughout the spill Dr. Leifer was the principal investigator on one of the studies and co-investigator on another, he presented his findings to government officials aiding in decision making, and appeared on major news networks to give interviews regarding the spill.

Interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN ​

Dr. Leifer was the chief mission coordinating scientist for the NASA effort for airborne remote sensing of the Gulf oil spill. He was also one of the experts on the Flow Rate Technical Group, which worked on the study of seabed emissions. Dr. Leifer has spent years studying oil in the ocean. He is an expert on methane and hydrocarbon plumes and has conducted extensive studies on them.