The BRI Advantage

Bubbleology Research International (BRI) is a small flexible company dedicated to environmental consulting, instrumentation development, satellite analysis and validation, and environmental assessment. At BRI, we continuously adapt to change, to meet the demands of our clients. Established in 2003, BRI handles a variety of complex projects; subcontracting multi-institution, international projects for Fortune 500 companies, universities, the United States Navy, NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and other government agencies. Over the years BRI has developed strategic partnerships with companies such as Los Gatos Research a member of the ABB group, and MicroPulse LIDAR, part of Hexagon. BRI is FAR compliant.

BRI manages complex projects by staying well equipped with many facilities readily available including an in-house machine shop, 3D printing capabilities, a gas analysis lab, sufficient computing power to meet data processing needs, and administrative staff. We bring a project from conception to peer review/litigation to the finished product in a timely manner.

AMOG Surveyor on an expedition to Cal Poly Dairy.