New study in press from BRI and the Aerospace Corporation

New study in press from BRI and the Aerospace Corporation

A new study from BRI and the Aerospace Corporation researching air quality at The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is now in press. Follow our Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated on new publications and other BRI updates! 



Updated version of SISTER (2021), BRI’s mobile air quality laboratory.

The BRI team headed down to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles (hereafter referred to as “The Ports”) April 9th to survey air quality while Mako, a thermal infrared hyperspectral sensor developed by The Aerospace Corporation surveys from above. Mako is flown on aircraft, while BRI mobile laboratory, SISTER (Standard Instrumentation Suite: Truck Enabled for Response) analyzed air quality and collected samples at street level. The survey measured enhanced methane levels near the Torrance refinery within 10 minutes of the Mako overflight and multiply transected the plume, as well as surveying extensively around the Carson Refinery. Another goal was wind mapping leveraging bridges to allow profiling to 70 m to better understand the complex windflow patterns across The Ports.