BRI Remains Open to Support the Energy Sector

BRI Remains Open to Support the Energy Sector

Bubbleology Research International will remain open through the Shelter in Place order to provide necessary support to the energy sector. Employee staffing will be reduced with some team members tele-working, and with reduced and adjusted hours for others. BRI has instituted comprehensive virus safety precautions including frequent sterilization of work surfaces, hand cleaning policies, and weekly meetings to review best practices, and update precautions. 

BRI has developed technologies for detecting, characterizing, and assessing emissions from a range of important sources including: natural gas pipeline leaks, natural hydrocarbon seeps, fossil fuel industrial activities including production and refining sources, husbandry, and other sources. Finding and fixing natural gas pipeline leaks is critically important as they can pose safety (due to flammability) and health hazards and damage the environment by contributing to climate change and air pollution. Many of these assessment techniques were pioneered at natural seeps, which also have served as a natural field testbed for further technique development. 

Although most work in support of the energy sector has been through a unique BRI asset, AMOG Surveyor; however, recently, BRI has developed a second asset, SIS – the Standard Instrumentation Suite, which is designed for multi-platform deployment. SIS includes all instruments and is designed to be sea spray proof for marine deployments. This also allows SIS to be deployed on TMOG, for off-road data collection.

The BRI Team will continue to collect and analyze SIS data using TMOG in support of energy sector needs in the coming weeks. 

TMOG detects many trace gases, including methane – the most prominent component of natural gas. 

Dr. Leifer, PhD., BRI CEO and chief scientist, has together a virus safety briefing for the COVid-19 pandemic that was presented to BRI employees and is shared below. Information therein is based on official reports and peer reviewed papers, NOT media reports. This resource is meant to be shared with friends, family, and the community.

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