SISTER2 Summer Field Campaigns with NSF, NASA, & CEC

SISTER2 Summer Field Campaigns with NSF, NASA, & CEC

SISTER2 at Cal Poly Diary.

Bubbleology’s mobile air quality laboratory, SISTER2, is conducting several large field campaigns this summer for NSF, NASA, and CEC in California and other neighboring states (TBD). SISTER2 is an air quality laboratory in a 1-ton box, available for advanced gas leak detection and assessment. SISTER2 deploys by a pickup truck, boat, or trailer and measures 14 gases, aerosols, and meteorology at up to highway speed.  SISTER2 also features real-time visualization that informs how the BRI team drives SISTER2 – slowing down in areas of interest and redirecting to follow the emissions.

SISTER2 at SJV Midway Sunset Chevron Oil Field.

The SISTER2 summer field campaigns are coordinating efforts with Aeromma, AGES, SARP, and the JPL/JAXA RailRoad Valley, NV vicarious calibration campaign. BRI plans to enhance the science of these studies with SISTER2’s unique capabilities and measurments. Explore more about the campaigns and collaborating agencies below!

Field schedule coming soon.