Keeping their employees and community safe is the #1 priority of every business. 

Timely deployment of personnel PPE during extreme weather can be implemented by a company that has relevant information from a weather station positioned at a remote job site.

Local community impacts from a spill or leak can be mitigated by knowing the what the winds are doing at the job site(s).

Avoid weather related equipment damage.

Job sites with multiple locations and critical equipment can be monitored with multiple or transportable weather stations.

Why Meteo?

  • • Relevant Data, when and where you need it

  • • Rapid Deployment

  • • Relocatable to multiple sites

The time and resources needed to gain approval and permits can prevent a company from establishing a permanent weather station when and where they need it.

A trailerable weather station can be put in place much sooner and with the flexibility to determine the optimal location.

The NWS certified instruments from Meteo can be used for your permanent weather station.

Why Meteo?

• Rapid Deployment
• Relocatable
• Avoid Lengthy Permitting/Approval


Weather (high wind or extreme temperature) can be a complicating factor in completing a project.

A trailerable weather station can be positioned and relocated as necessary to provide real time/relevant data to operations and planning for the safe and timely completion of the project.

Weather data can also be recorded to document any potential impact if a leak or spill occurs.

Why Meteo?

• Rapid Deployment
• Relocatable
• Avoid Lengthy Permitting/Approval

Disaster Prevention involves: Preparation, Protection, and Resiliency (Recovery) to keep extreme weather related events from becoming disasters.

A trailerable weather station can be used for planning and recovery activity, in addition to providing real time/relevant data at the time of the event to operations and emergency personnel.

For any potential legal issues, the company can have records of weather data along with expert testimony that can be arranged with BRI resources.

Why Meteo?

• Relevant Data, When and Where you need from a Meteorology Solution
• Real Time measurement for Operational Decision Support
• Reporting and Expert Testimony