Cutting Edge Technology Development

BRI pushes state of the art to develop new capabilities for atmospheric and oceanic measurement based on demand driven science needs.

Unique Technologies

SISTER 2™ - (Standard Instrumentation Suite: Truck Enabled for Response) - is a fully equipped air quality lab in the bed of a pickup truck. SISTER 2 measures 14 trace gases at up to highway speed, mostly at sub ppb accuracy. SISTER 2 has been involved in many studies of seep emissions, oil and gas emissions, and dairy emissions, including the recent BRI’s 2020 investigation of air quality at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles during and after the Covid shutdowns.

Scientific Excellence

BRI brings a project from conception to peer review/litigation finished product. BRI has managed multi-institution, international projects for Fortune 500 companies, NASA, ESA, and other government agencies. BRI is FAR compliant.

Ira Leifer

World recognized expert in meteorology and air quality. Our chief scientist/founder is known for appearances in media and 110 peer-reviewed publications.