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What is Meteo?

Meteo, Our Relocatable Meteorology Trailer, is equipped with instrumentation allowing it to measure wind speed, direction, air temperature, humidity and air pressure. These are the standard measurements of the base Meteo Trailer. With Customization more measurements are availablity.

Flexibility and Accuracy

Due to Meteo’s relocatability, Meteo can be anywhere you need it, collecting data that you need now. 
The data you collect is relevant to your exact location while weather reports estimate conditions for the local area.

Plan with Meteo

The information you gather is important for planning before and during hazardous conditions. Hazardous conditions such as high winds and wildfires need to be monitored in order to protect your employees and community as well as, prolong the life of sensitive equipment. After events, Meteo is necessary to promote resiliency and assist in disaster response.

Coming soon. As Meteo solves problems, and with permission we will report news of Meteo.

Preventing Risks and Losses

Uncover hidden safety risks to your employees, community, and property with critical data. After events, data can be used to prevent losses.

Industrial Standards

Meteo uses research-grade components and durable hardware to ensure reliable data transfer while meeting NEMA 4X standards for industrial environments.

Key Features

Meteo is DOT certified and does not require a special vehicle for towing.

Lightning SAFE

A lightning rod can easily be ballasted or tethered to Meteo to assure equipment safety.

Data Logger

Our data logger hosts communication and provides on-site storage.

Remote Data

All data is available in real time through landline or direct link with the option to opt for Wi-Fi, Radio, or Satellite.

Modular Components

Meteo comes equipped with modular components and exchangeable batteries. This process switches out defective parts with working ones as necessary. As a result, reducing downtime while facilitating maintenance and speeding up repairs.

Nature of Product and Demonstrations

Due to the customizable nature of Meteo, a demonstration unit is not available. We guarantee the quality of our components and instruments by choosing only highly reliable manufacturers. We provide you with peace of mind with our generous warranty and service plan options. We also provide options for additional instruments and features. This is just a few ways we show our commitment to solve your individualized problem.